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The Ella, The Crawford & The Proper: Which Sweetwater 4×4 is right for me?

By Nicole

So, you’ve decided that Sweetwater is the apartment complex for you, what’s the next step? Picking which floor plan is the best fit for you and your roommates!

If you are planning on living with three roommates, you will want to look at our 4×4 (four bedrooms, four bathrooms) floor plans. Three of our popular 4×4 floor plans are The Ella, The Crawford, and The Proper. To make your decision easier, we’ve written this article comparing all three floor plans and pointing out their differences.

Comparing The Ella, The Crawford, and The Proper

The Ella

The Ella 4x4 floorplan at Sweetwater in Gainesville.

Square feet: 1,186 – 1,208

Number of windows: 5

The Ella has four layout options to choose from, and each one is just slightly different from the next. All layout options have two bedrooms with connected bathrooms and two bedrooms with bathrooms across the hall. All bathrooms in The Ella have walk-in showers, and the washing machine is located in a hallway off the kitchen.

The Ella has a large kitchen with plenty of cabinet and counter space. The kitchen has a floating island with two barstool chairs on each side, so you can chat with your roommates just like you can at a traditional kitchen table.

The Ella has one bedroom located off the living room and the other three bedrooms are located down the hallway off the kitchen. Some layouts have a balcony, while others don’t, which affects the monthly cost of rent. Units without a balcony instead have a large window in the living room.

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The Crawford

The Crawford 4x4 floorplan at Sweetwater in Gainesville.

Square feet: 1,312 – 1,314

Number of windows: 6

The Crawford has four bedrooms that each have a connected bathroom with a walk-in shower. All of the bedrooms are located down a hallway off the living room.

The living room and kitchen areas in The Crawford are one space, so hosting a birthday party or game night is fun and intimate. The kitchen is large, making sharing the space with three other roommates easier. This provides space for smaller kitchen appliances like an air fryer, coffee maker and blender.

The kitchen has a floating island, with all four chairs facing the TV in the living room, so you can watch your favorite sports team or reality TV show while eating dinner.

The balcony is located down the hallway rather than off the living room, creating a separate space to hang out with friends and watch the sunset.

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The Proper

The Proper 4x4 floorplan at Sweetwater in Gainesville.

Square feet: 1,292

Number of windows: 6

The Proper has two bedrooms with connected bathrooms and two bedrooms with bathrooms located across the hall. Three of the bathrooms have a walk-in shower, while one bathroom has a bathtub shower combo.

The kitchen has a floating island with all chairs on one side, creating a small separation between the kitchen and living room spaces. The space is open concept, so you can comfortably communicate from the kitchen with guests in the living room.

One key feature of The Proper is that the kitchen sink is located on the island, so you can easily make drinks and wash dishes while talking to guests sitting at the island.

The Proper does not have a balcony, but it has a large window in the living room, allowing light to fill the space.

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The Ella vs. The Crawford vs. The Proper

Model unit at Sweetwater

Living area in Sweetwater’s model unit.

When deciding which floor plan is best for you and your roommates, it is helpful to make a list of what is most important to you. That way, you can evaluate all of the floor plan options and compare them to your list of wants and needs.

Unit Size and Layout

All of these 4×4 floor plan options have plenty of space for four roommates to comfortably live and entertain.

The Ella has many different layout variations, creating even more options within the 4×4 floor plans. The Crawford is the largest of the three floor plans in terms of square footage, but the common spaces are slightly smaller compared to the others. The Proper has the largest kitchen island and has a bathtub in one of the bathrooms, but it does not have a balcony.

Balconies and Views

The Ella and The Crawford each have a balcony, but The Proper does not. Some units of The Ella offer views of West University Avenue; other units offer neighborhood views. The Crawford and The Proper both offer neighborhood views.

Windows & Location

Each of these 4×4 floor plans have plenty of windows to create an open and bright space in your apartment.

The Ella is located in many different areas of the Sweetwater apartment building, so there are plenty of options in terms of location within the building. The Proper is only offered as a corner unit, which is nice because you only have neighbors on one side of your unit. The Crawford is located in the center of the building.

The Ella is located on levels 2-10, and The Crawford and The Proper are located on levels 4-10.

We hope this article helps you better understand three of the 4×4 floor plans that Sweetwater offers and decide which floor plan is best for you and your roommates.

For up-to-date pricing and availability, visit our floorplan pages.

If you have any questions about The Ella, The Crawford, or The Proper, or would like to learn more about other floor plans, please contact the leasing staff at Sweetwater who are happy to help!


Nicole is the Community Manager at Sweetwater. She has worked in Property Management for 10 years. She have two little boys and a little girl on the way!

August 22, 2022

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