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How to Relet My Apartment at Sweetwater

By Nicole

There are many reasons Sweetwater residents look to relet their apartment, whether it be study abroad programs, summer internships and co-op opportunities in other cities, or even just the comfort of spending a summer at home.  

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At Sweetwater, our leasing team has helped hundreds of students through the reletting process. The reletting process doesn’t have to be hard, time consuming or frustrating if you know the steps. While all Sweetwater residents sign a 12-month lease, we allow you to relet your space if needed.

To help simplify this process, we will break down the reletting process at Sweetwater, including the steps you need to take and fees you and your reletter will have to pay.

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6 Steps to Relet Your Apartment at Sweetwater

1. Find a reletter

Sweetwater residents looking to relet are responsible for finding an individual to take over their spot in their unit. 

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The most reliable way to secure a reletter who will fulfill their obligations and mix well with your roommates is by considering people you already know.

Reach out to friends, greek life group chats, or fellow club members. With many UF students seeking summer housing in Gainesville for classes, research or internships, starting your search early increases the likelihood of finding individuals in need of reletting. 

Finding a reletter can be a lot like finding a roommate, so check out our guide to finding a roommate at the University of Florida for more tips.

2. Notify management

Any individual interested in reletting your apartment at Sweetwater must complete the leasing process, which includes filling out an application and signing a lease.

The easiest way for you to initiate this process is by emailing management and cc’ing your potential reletter on the email. Then, your potential reletter can respond, confirming their intent to take over your unit. We recommend this method as it ensures the right monthly rental rate is communicated and added to the leasing documents.

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3. Reletter application and lease

Your reletter will fill out the Sweetwater application, which will take 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Your reletter should be expected to provide basic information including:

  • Driver’s License
  • Emergency Contact
  • Pet Information (if interested in bringing a pet)
  • Current Residence

As part of the application process, your reletter must pass a background check and credit screening. 

During the lease signing process, the reletter must provide a valid guarantor or qualify as a self-guarantor. For more information regarding what a guarantor is and why you need one, check out our article on what’s a guarantor.

The reletter will have to pay an administrative fee, application fee, and security deposit. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the current cost of all fees.

If the reletter fails to complete any of the steps above, they will be unable to relet your apartment at Sweetwater.

For more information about the student housing application and leasing process, read our article on finding the perfect student apartment near The University of Florida.

4. Pay your reletting fees

Once your reletter has completed their application and completed their screening, you will be responsible for a reletting fee equal to 85% of one month’s rent installment. For example, if you have a monthly rent of $1,469, your relet fee would be $1,248.65. A relet fee covers the cost of cleaning the space and returning it to its original condition, as well as administrative fees.

All balances including this fee must be paid in full before we can send you a relet agreement.

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5. Relet agreement

Once the steps above are complete, both you and your reletter will be required to complete a relet agreement, where additional information regarding specific terms of the relet will be laid out.

If either party fails to complete this agreement, the relet will not be approved and you will continue to be responsible for the full-term of your lease.

6. Finalize the details

Once the reletter has been approved and the time to relet has come, you will need to return any keys or access devices to our leasing staff upon move-out. The leasing staff will provide new keys and access devices to your reletter.

When the reletter has picked up keys, then the current leaseholder will be released from the contractual obligations and receive a financial move out statement. You are responsible for all rental installments until the reletter has picked up keys and moved in.

If you fail to return any keys or access devices, you will be charged a $100 fee for key fob replacement, $50 for a parking sticker replacement, and $25 for a bedroom or mailbox key replacement.

Be sure to note that if you plan on taking your original lease back over from the person you relet to, you will be subject to submitting a new application, fees, and qualifications.

Once you complete the steps listed above, you will be completely released from the obligations under your lease. These obligations will now be solely on your reletter.

If you’re planning on reletting your apartment, be sure to follow all of these steps to ensure your relet process goes smoothly.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Sweetwater, please reach out to our leasing staff! We are more than happy to help in your search for housing!


Nicole is the Community Manager at Sweetwater. She has worked in Property Management for 10 years. She have two little boys and a little girl on the way!

February 14, 2024

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