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Top 6 Local Coffee Shops Near UF

By Gavin

Whether you’re on the way to your 8:30am, need a spot to study for an exam, or just need an afternoon pick-me-up, we’re confident in helping you find the perfect local coffee gem that we’re sure you’ll love.

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It’s no secret that the University of Florida’s Top 5 ranking wouldn’t be possible without the caffeine running through our veins. Starbucks and Dunkin can get repetitive; that’s why we’ve compiled the six best local coffee shops, all less than a four-minute drive from Sweetwater, for you to get your local caffeine fix.

6 Best Coffee Shops for Students Near the University of Florida

Concord Coffee

Concord Coffee | Coffee Shop in Gainesville, Florida

Concord Coffee is located on University Ave. Photo courtesy of Concord Coffee.

Distance from Sweetwater: 5-minute walk

Address: 1380 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32603

Known for its peaceful community atmosphere accompanied by massive windows and gorgeous light fixtures, Concord is the perfect place to get a start to your busy day on campus. Located directly across the street from Matherly and Anderson Hall, its two bright floors of seating along with outside seating allow for collaborative or individual study sessions before or after class. Not only do they have coffee, but freshly baked pastries as well. Pro tip: get there early, as seats will fill up!

Opus Coffee

Opus at Innovation | Coffee Shop near the University of Florida

Opus Coffee is located in the Innovation District. Photo courtesy of Opus at Innovation.

Distance from Sweetwater: 7-minute walk

Address: (Innovation Location) 800 SW 2nd Ave Suite 1, Gainesville, FL 32601

Locally roasted in Gainesville, Opus Coffee is the perfect pick-me-up after a long day of class, especially if you’re near the Innovation Academy or Infinity Hall. Opus has eight locations across Gainesville, but the Innovation location is most popular among students. Opus not only has  popular small-batch coffee and unique espresso drinks (like the AC Slayter) available to sip on, but they also offer baked goods and pressed sandwiches to munch on. Modern and inviting, Opus is a great place to stay for a long study/work session or for a quick stop for some locally brewed coffee.

Pascal’s Coffeehouse

Pascal's Coffeehouse | Coffee Shop in Gainesville Florida

Pascal’s Coffeehouse is located on NW 16th St. Photo courtesy of

Distance from Sweetwater: 10-minute walk

Address: 112 NW 16th St, Gainesville, FL 32603

Inviting, cozy and comfy, Pascal’s Coffeehouse is the place to be in all kinds of weather. Inside a two-story house, the cafe is the perfect place to relax, catch up with friends, and enjoy the fresh fireplace smells and warm atmosphere. The quaint and homey cafe also features local artists’ work for students and patrons to enjoy.

Karma Cream

Karma Cream | Coffee Shop near UF

Karma Cream is located on University Ave. Photo courtesy of Happy Cow.

Distance from Sweetwater: 8-minute walk

Address: 607 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601

Karma Cream is most popular for its vegan and non-dairy ice cream, but did you know they serve organic and fair-trade coffee as well? A fun, trendy, and vibrant place to relax or work, Karma Cream is a great place to meet up with friends and collaborate on group projects. With a wide selection of vegan lunch items, desserts and coffee, this spot is perfect if you are vegan or looking to try vegan options.

Wyatt’s Coffee

Girls drinking coffee at Wyatt's Coffee | Coffee Shop in Downtown Gainesville

Wyatt’s Coffee is located on SE 2nd Ave.

Distance from Sweetwater: 4-minute drive

Address: 202 SE 2nd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601

Located in the heart of Downtown Gainesville, Wyatt’s is surrounded by a busy and lively atmosphere and is the perfect study spot or meeting place to grab a cup of coffee or to relax after a long day. Determined to make your experience a remarkable one, Wyatt’s is well-known for its pour-over coffee, tea, chocolate, and Everything Pretzels.

Feeline Good Cat Cafe

Feeline Good Cat Café | Coffee Shop in Gainesville, Fl

Feeline Good Cat Café is located on SE 2nd Pl. Photo courtesy of The Alligator.

Distance from Sweetwater: 4-minute drive

Address: 201 SE 2nd Pl Suite 113, Gainesville, FL 32601

Sometimes the only thing better than a cup of coffee to warm you up is a furry friend to cuddle with while you’re sipping on your coffee. Feeline Good Cat Cafe and the Gainesville Humane Society have partnered for you to hang out with adoptable cats and enjoy a cup of coffee in Downtown Gainesville. While reservations are recommended for the cat lounge, they aren’t required to enter the cafe bar and study space, which spans two floors of seating.

daydreamer cafe located inside Sweetwater

Sweetwater has an on-site coffee shop, Daydreamer, featuring hand-mixed coffee drinks, matcha and artisan pastries.

Did you know? Sweetwater has its own coffee shop on the ground floor. Daydreamer is open on the ground floor of Sweetwater. Plus! If you stop by for a tour at our Sweetwater leasing office, you can get a free Daydreamer coffee.

We hope this review helped you learn more about Gainesville’s coffee shops! Next time you’re trying to find a place to study, collaborate on a group project, or simply need a boost of caffeine, we hope we’ve inspired you to try one of our favorite spots, all locally made with love.


Gavin is the Leasing Manager at Sweetwater. He is a junior at UF majoring in Sports Management.

July 23, 2022

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