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5 Benefits of Living in a Newly Constructed Apartment at UF

By Gavin

With the multitude of housing options near UF, finding the perfect apartment can be a daunting process. It’s important that the space, features and layout are best suited for you and your lifestyle. Should you choose an older building with more square footage at a lower cost? Or, should you choose a newer community with luxurious amenities and upscale features?

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At Sweetwater, we understand that the amount of housing options near UF can make the process difficult to navigate.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of a few benefits of living in a new student housing development near the University of Florida to help you feel confident while you navigate your apartment search.

Why UF Students Should Live in a New Development in Gainesville

1. A Clean Slate

2 girls sitting on bed talking in apartment

The fresh, clean feeling is one of the best parts of moving into a new apartment.

You get to be the first person to cook a fresh meal on the stove, or take a hot shower in your bathroom. With the entire building being brand new, you’re one of the first people to walk through the lobby, dip your toes in the pool, or grab your favorite drink at Daydreamer. Your brand new apartment in Gainesville is a fresh start, and you get to be the first person to call this space home.

2. Best Updated Amenities

2 girls in sauna

The state-of-the-art amenities are one of the biggest selling points for a new apartment complex. From resort-style rooftop pools and saunas to spacious study spaces and yoga studios, many new developments in Gainesville offer luxurious, modern amenities to stay competitive.

It’s important to remember that the cost of using these amenities is already built into the monthly cost of living at the community. At face value, it might appear that the price is lower to live in an older building with little to no amenities. However, a newer building is more budget-friendly in some cases.

For example, consider the added costs of a gym membership, the cost of transportation to and from the gym, and the extra time it takes out of your day to travel there. You may discover that it makes more sense for you to live in a new apartment with a modern, easily-accessible fitness center.

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3. Modern Design

2 girls drinking wine in modern kitchen

The appealing aesthetic and design is a huge draw of a new apartment that you won’t find in an older building in Gainesville.

Floor-to-ceiling windows, modern finishes and sleek furniture packages are a few details you’ll see in many new developments that set them apart from the average student apartment.

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4. Unexpected Perks

girls in butterfly museum

In a new development in Gainesville, you’ll find many other perks that may not be obvious during your housing search.

For example, new buildings typically offer added security with controlled access points and surveillance cameras throughout the property.

Plus, because the apartment is new, your friends living in other buildings will be excited to come check out your place. What an amazing excuse to host! It’s also likely that some of your friends will live in the same complex, too, so they’ll just be an elevator ride away.

When a building is new, it also tends to emphasize customer service. While older buildings already have an established reputation, a brand new community relies heavily on the satisfaction of its residents to maintain its name. This typically leads to a friendly, attentive staff that is excited to assist you.

5. Sense of Community

depot park girls studying laying down

While the idea of hundreds of residents moving in within the span of a few days sounds hectic, this can also be one of the most exciting parts of a new building.

Everyone is having the same experience as you and are just as excited about the new building full of new people. This leads to a sense of community as everyone explores the space for the first time and meets their neighbors. Plus, with the community events that new properties tend to host, you have many opportunities to connect with other residents.

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While every student housing option has its pros and cons, we hope that this article helps you consider a few of the major benefits of living in a brand new apartment building.

If you have any other questions about the lifestyle in a new community or about Sweetwater in particular, contact our leasing team!


Gavin is the Leasing Manager at Sweetwater. He is a junior at UF majoring in Sports Management.

December 28, 2022

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